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Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine

          Hailing from the New York City area, 2 Weeks have only been on the scene for two years, but have already independently recorded this debut slice of Hard Rock and Metal riffage. Created by Italian/American vocalist/rhythm guitarist, Gina Donadio and lead guitarist Robert Neal after they became friends (when Donadio joined the band that Neal was gigging in at the time) they soon embarked on their own project by writing and demoing songs, and playing together acoustically until they found the right players to augment their band. Step forward Donadio’s twin brother on bass, after various musicians failed to commit to the project and, after a fruitless search for the right permanent drummer, the lady herself then decided to play drums on the album.

All the songs are short, snappy, and not without merit. Neal is a very good guitarist; no doubt dedicated enough to learn all the iron maiden riffs, as his love for the band shines through. That’s not to say he’s a plagiarist; he’s just adapted his style to suit a modern Hard Rock band, as Donadio’s vocals take you far away from any notion of a “Maiden by numbers” love-in. She is also quite the talented musician; vocally very clear without any vibrato, and playing the drums, although it’s not clear if she contributed rhythm guitars to the album or whether she just plays guitar live to augment their sound.

Their debut video release (single in old-school terms) is the title track and it’s suitably raucous and energetic. They’ve since followed that up with “The Strength to Be;” a solid Rock song with suitably impressive Maiden-type riffage. “Save Yourself” is harder and more dynamic with a slightly edgier snarly vocal from Donadio. Although there’s plenty of heavy riffage on “Bury Me,” the Maiden guitar sound and song structure is very evident on “Take Control” and “Wrath of the Mini Ninja” – their closest attempt at an epic sounding item. I love the melodic tone to Neal’s guitars on the mid-paced, riffy “Watch You Burn,” and the faster, more urgent “Hold On.” Donadio’s drumming is solid if not spectacular and her vocals are very engaging, whilst twin brother Joe’s fingered bass picking keeps the back line chugging away quite nicely. They even have time to do an acoustic Pop Rock number with Country overtones on “Detached.”

In summary, a very fine effort! What’s not to like? – Carl Buxton



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